Todo Mexicano

Based upon the authentic Mexican cuisine, we have developed the Todo Mexicano range, which contains a range of tasty Mexican convenience products.

The Mexican cuisine is probably one of the earliest fusion cuisines in the world, composed of the Indigenous American and Spanish cuisines.

Chili, corn, beans, rice, tomatoes, avocado, garlic and a variety of local vegetables, such as squash, are all important ingredients in the Mexican cuisine. Chili is the central and most distinctive part of the Mexican gastronomy, and you can find more than 100 different variants in Mexico.

The ambition with the Todo Mexicano range is to bring authentic Mexican taste and flavour in to the Scandinavian kitchen, and make it easy for the consumer to create delicious everyday meals. Part of the products are manufactured both as conventional and organic.

The taste is fresh and filled with spices. You can bring a personal touch to the taste, by adding your own favorite spices, herbs and more.

The products are created from the thought that they can complement each other and constitute entire meals, but they can also be used separately as side dishes and spices. Only the imagination sets the limits.