Quality, Safety and Responsibility

In Lauge Food Selection A/S we take responsibility for all our actions. We believe it is important to act responsible in general. For that reason, we have become a member of DIEH, Danish Initiative for Ethical trading. This commits us to follow a number of initiatives and guidelines which concerns social responsibility, while working to implement it throughout our entire value chain. You can read more about DIEH here.

All of our manufacturers comply with applicable legislation, and many these have additional certifications and accreditations (BRC, IFS, ASC, MSC, etc.). We are not convinced that certifications and accreditations are a safe guarantee for quality products and responsible acting though, and we therefore put a higher value on continuous commitment to developing and become even better.

We wish to contribute to a more sustainable approach towards food production. Our approach regarding these issues, is to have a continuous dialogue with our manufacturers, regarding development of existing practices, related to employees, environment, sustainability, quality and safety. We believe this is the best way, for us, to affect these issues.

We think it is important to be able to share information regarding products with our customers and cooperative partners. A part of our products has been registered in GS1, and this will always be an option when cooperating with us. We have chosen to use GS1, since it is used globally, which we consider a huge advantage.

See the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration’s Inspection Report for Lauge Food Selection A/S on the link here.