Our Story

Lauge Food Selection A/S was established in 2012 by Kristian Lauge Jørgensen. The Company started as a sole proprietorship, but has since expanded. Lauge Food Selection is housed in an old merchants house by the pedestrians street in Middelfart.

Kristian grew up with merchants cupboard in the family, which motivated Kristian to aim for the trade industry himself. So it is not by coincidence that he chose to enter this industry.

After completing his education as a freight forwarder, he worked with international trade for many years. Among other things, he worked as a retailer of fish products for the retail industry.

Kristian was not estranged to the thought of settling down as an entrepreneur, and in 2012 he chose to settle as an independent merchant.

With his in-depth knowledge of the market, and his experience with international trade, Kristian saw an opportunity to offer good and exciting food products to Scandinavian consumers.

Ever since, Lauge Food Selection A / S has been working to find the best products from all corners of the world, at a favorable price for the consumers benefit. You can read more about our products under the Products menu.